D H Grainger Gaff Cutter (Centre Board)

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If ever the cliche' "a Proper Little Ship" meant anything then this must be it! She is a unique slice of yachting tradition harking back to a bygone era. She was designed and built by a local Engineering Company owner who's life has been tied up in this vessel for the last 41 years. She was 16 years in the build and he then spent 25 years sailing her, without an engine or any electronic nav aids. When I asked him about navigation aids his reply was to the effect that all a proper sailor needs is a compass, Walker log and lead line! His sextant and chronometer isn't for sale!

She is Carvel splined Iroko, bronze bolted to sawn Iroko frames with steamed Oak bent ribs, copper fastened. Below the waterline she is copper sheathed - plated, not painted. Her bilges are bone dry and clean enough to dine from - if you are that way inclined!

An adventurous sailor, Capt Grainger has taken her throughout the Bristol Channel, West Coast Ireland, to the Scillies, many times to the Bay of Biscay and West coast of Scotland. She can set over 1000 square feet of fair weather canvas but is nevertheless reputed to be comfortable in a Force 7 to windward under stays'l and deep reefed main. (I understand comfortable to be a relative term and possibly subjective!).

Every winter since she first took to the water she has been hauled ashore on her trailer and overwintered in the shed in which she was built. Centreboard serviced, a fresh coat of paint to her topsides and varnish to her spars accounts for her exceptional condition today and is a tribute to her owner who is keen that she should go to "the right person".

As a true 'Copper bottomed investment' I can only second that hope!

These boat details are subject to contract.

Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered.

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D H Grainger Gaff Cutter (Centre Board)
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Additional Information
Wood carvel
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