Etap 23i Junk Rigged

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This Etap 23i lifting keel was presented in really nice condition, clean and tidy throughout. The owner has fitted a Torqueedo electric drive system, backed up by a 2.3 Honda outboard which fits nicely into the original bay.

The western version of the Chinese Junk Rig was introduced in 1981 at the Boat Show by Blondie Hasler and Jock McLeod, SBS veterans of the 2nd World War. Hasler and McLeod also formed the JRA, the Junk Rig Association. It quickly spread worldwide because of its simplicity and inherent safety. At its most basic the rig has a halyard and a sheet and reefing is done by letting go the halyard, allowing the sail to come down like a Venetian blind until you have reduced enough sail.

When reefed the sail is held by ‘Lazy Jacks’ now universally adopted by Bermudan Rigs.

In its original form the Western Junk was flat, good for downwind work but poor tacking against the wind. The owner joined the JRA in 1989 and made his first Junk at home and incorporated the sail camber that was missing from the original. His sail could go upwind and could tack through 90 degrees like an average sailing cruiser.

The sail you see now on this boat is the result of over 30 years development by him and others. It is called a Hybrid Junk because it was an AeroJunk with a separate mainsail and Jib and now has separate Jiblets - independent panels that each develop drive.

The junk sheeting means that the uppermost panel is affected first so when tacking close to the wind the top jiblet will flutter first. Pulling on the sheet removes the sail-twist and the flutter.

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Etap 23i Junk Rigged
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